Exhibition title: Just the sound of a wall clock
Artist: Tyler Beard
Exhibition dates: 
Exhibition space: RMCAD's Rude Gallery 

An investigation into geometric shapes, spatial depth, and intimate scale, Just the sound of a wall clock features work from Tyler Beard’s recent collage series and a new group of drawings. In his collage work, Beard uses large sheets of Pantone color and found printed material (primarily pictures from 1970s nature magazines) to create visual puzzles that combine color, geometry and landscape. His drawings in the exhibition examine the simple, circular shape of a silver dollar—an object of personal significance to the artist—and both the formal and symbolic properties of hatch marks. The title of the exhibition, Just the sound of a wall clock, was informed by the recent death of Beard’s grandfather and comments more generally on one’s personal relationship with time. 

Work shown courtesy of Robischon Gallery and the artist.