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Exhibition title: Relational Fabric in Space
Artist: Steve Steele
Exhibition Dates: February 6 - March 7, 2009
Exhibition location: Philip J. Steele Gallery 

Relational Fabric in Space is a 25 foot long installation created specifically for the Philip J. Steele Gallery.  The installation includes 333 miniature objects each lit independently by a grain of wheat size light bulb. The 333 objects form a rolling wave-like grid in the space, with each object relating in some way to the object next to it. Steele describes it as being about the infinite number of relations existing between objects, words, meanings, the natural world and man as intelligent spectator. Relationships can be obvious or subtle, based on color, form, or meaning. The fingertip size dollhouse-like objects – both ready made and constructed – are as diverse as foods, musical instruments, children, animals, religious imagery, etc. This complex visual puzzle is constructed so that relationships are to be discovered in objects that reside in spaces next to each other vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The combination of the lighting and the differing heights of the object’s platforms form the illusion of an invisible fabric floating in space.

“For me, installation art provides the opportunity to work in and with real space. My projects are typically created for a specific space. I enjoy the freedom of being able to choose from a limitless list of materials, and in some projects I can incorporate one or more of the other senses beyond strictly the visual.”

                                                                                             – Steve Steele

Works shown courtesy of the artist.

Photography: David Quackenbush

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