Exhibition title: Sophont in Action at Red Rocks
Artist: Desirée Holman

Exhibition Dates:  October 1, 2015
Exhibition Space: Red Rocks Historic Park, Morrison, Colorado

Curated by Cortney Lane Stell, Black Cube Executive Director + Chief Curator


‘Sophont in Action’ was comprised of three different sci-fi and occult inspired character vignettes – the time travelers, ecstatic dancers, and indigo children. These vignettes were presented at the Trading Post at Red Rocks through live performances paired with projection mapping on the monumental red rocks at The Trading Post.

The work brings attention to complicated social questions about the shaping of identity in relation to inquiry to try to explain the unknown. Thematically, the work is situated in the overlapping terrains of New Age, science fiction, and occult themes. By mining common popular cultural interpretations of connecting to the unknown – like the tinfoil hat or ecstatic dancing – this work becomes a mirror back towards our culture. Through appropriating the vernacular of these establishments, Holman seeks to reveal what she believes to be our inherent absurdity and “desire to know.”

About the term ‘Sophont’: The term ‘sophont’ was coined by science fiction author Poul Anderson to describe intelligent beings with extraordinary emotional and reasoning capacity.

*There will a free shuttle available to the event, leaving from downtown Denver (at the DAM plaza off of 13th between Broadway and Bannock). If you are interested in the shuttle, you must RSVP to

**Black Cube would like to give a special thanks to CEAVCO Audio Visual, The Control Group, Ruth Bruno, the Colorado Dance Conservatory, City and County of Denver -Division of Arts & Venues, Tad Bowman, Loni Farmer, The Great Divide, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Lauren Beale, Lila Beale, Pierce Benard, A'ra Blair, Marcus Crawford, Martin A. David, Deshawn Davis, Alice Glamoure, Linda Graham, David Grigorian, Maribeth Flanagan, Patricia Jones, Barbara McGhee, Brooke McNamera, Leatizia Imàn Moussaid, Bruce Price, LaRyssa Scott, Kevin Tenorio, Clio Torbenson, Tian Torbenson, Maylin de la Trinidad, Palmer Woelfel, Udo Zeile, Peggy Espinosa, Adison Quin, Patrick Mueller, Tay Melone, Leodis Smith, Sarah Szeto

Angel Deradoorian, Dance, 2013. 11
min. 19 secs. Courtesy of the artist.

Desirée Holman, Director/ Artist
Cortney Lane Stell, Curator
Control Group Productions, Choreographer
Ruth Bruno, Producer
Lucas McMahon, Production Manager
Andrew Almanza, Intern
Katelyn Simkins, Makeup

The video work "Sophont" was commissioned by the Performance and Film program at SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) and supported by the Headlands Center for the Arts Alumni New Works.


Photography: Sara Ford