Exhibition title: Arabesque
Artist: Rian Kerrane
Exhibition dates: August 6 – September 20, 2008
Exhibition space: RMCAD’s Rude Gallery 

"In a politically charged society where traditions continue to metamorphose I investigate the female position in domestic and social situations. I consider how my reality is affected by environment and experience. Art making externalizes my personal experience. My perspective changes when immersion in planning and creation is transfigured and idea becomes image removed from my person. Fused together within a work are new questions of memory, identity and fact that contribute to my research.

This work, Arabesque, (a tribute of sorts to Henri Matisse’s use of dominating pattern to abstract the picture plane) stems from my respect and fascination for wallpaper. William Morris hand printed wallpapers to peeling remnants preserved in homes from the 1800’s are all stimulus for my imagery. Pattern is orderly and obsessive, decorative and colorful, and subject to fashion. Often insanely dominant in a room I believe the role of décor in the home to be symbolic witness to the human condition. On one hand we have our instincts, on the other the social constructs we apply to control. Nature, the act of being natural, the fertility, fecundity of the earth is symbolized in the way we decorate our homes with motifs and images of the exterior. It is one of the ways in which we impose our own dictums on our surrounds, a subject that intrigues me."          - Rian Keranne