Exhibition title: Imagined Realities
Artists: Mathew Harris, Lisa Moses, Donald Fodness, Alvin Gregorio, Daniel Hipolito, Trine Bumiller, Brain Evans, M12 Art Collective
Exhibition dates: July 17 – September 6, 2013
Exhibition space: Redline / Sustainability Park

Imagined Realities was an outdoor temporary group exhibition at Sustainability Park. The exhibition focused on the ways in which artists explore the intertwined concepts of energy and sustainability. This exhibition considered concepts interwoven in both challenges and solutions to sustainable living – from the conundrum of envisioning utopia to the aura of the apocalyptic potentials that often drive sustainable endeavors.
The artworks within the exhibition were selected because of their ability to broaden definitions of sustainability as well as illuminate and discuss current ideas in relation to art disciplines. The exhibition aimed at producing a diverse art-viewing experience for the public. These many perspectives can be seen in the range of artist’s consideration of energy – from the entropic energy created by compost, to solar energy, and even the energy of human thought or reflection.
The title of the exhibition, Imagined Realities, highlights the entangled issues touched on within the park, from the tension between individual perspective (what we think we Know) in relation to the concept of an objective reality (our climate).  Additionally this title is intended to conjure ideas of solutions in the relation to the nature of artistic practice and research, a field that highly involves imagination and innovation.
Ever sensitive to the inseparable relation of politics, economies, and human life; this exhibition endeavors to allow contradictions, complications, and ironies to exist and even to be revealed.

Works shown courtesy of the artists.

Photography: Wes Magyar

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