Exhibition Title: Paralleled  1: Abstractions and Socially Conscious Artworks
Artists: Scott Chamberlin, Homare Ikeda, John McEnroe, Richard Notkin, Yumi Roth, Scott Johnson, Jess Larson
Exhibition Dates: February 8, 2008
Exhibition Space: Philip J. Steele Gallery

The first of the series which opened in 2008, Paralleled, focuses on the juxtaposition of Amorphous Abstractions and Socially Conscious artworks.  The juxtaposition here is in relation to the viewer’s experience with the content.  By focusing on one medium that is inherently open for interpretation (abstraction) with work that has a specific point or narrative read (politically engaged works), the viewers are provoked to think of the differing relationships we have to content delivery in artworks. The East Gallery displayed works that reflect the current positions regarding the sociopolitical climate. These socially critical works were juxtaposed with the west gallery’s more amorphous abstract works.  These works that focus on a more formal investigation are less about “telling” the visitor and more about relations to the visitor and art cannons. 

The Paralleled series of exhibitions was designed to juxtapose a variety of artistic concepts and expressions that will allow the viewer a richer understanding of both by comparison.

Work shown courtesy of the artists and their galleries.