Exhibition title: Prospector
Artist: Chad Person

Exhibition Dates:  October 22 - 31, 2015
Exhibition Space: Time Park parking lot across from the Colorado State Capital

Curated by Cortney Lane Stell, Black Cube Executive Director + Chief Curator


The Prospector inflatable monument is inspired by the Disney Toy Story 2 character, Stinky Pete. Person uses this digitally designed character as an emblem for the new type of prospecting made possible by the emergence of digital economies. 

Person selected a solid blue color to relate to other large outdoor public works found in Denver – such as Lawrence Argent’s big blue bear sculpture located outside of the Convention Center.

The artwork and processes used are conceptually rooted in the high technology industry, which the artist sees as the new frontier. Technological developments, such as simple digital reproduction, raise questions about the nature of value, replication, and ownership. This sculpture draws connections between the digital frontier and ideas prominent in the 19th century American frontier


ChadPerson_Prospector 4