Exhibition title: Light Drift
Artist: Scott Johnson & Ethan Jackson
Exhibition dates: October 15 – December 3, 2010
Exhibition space: Philip J. Steele Gallery

Scott Johnson and Ethan Jackson's Light Drift project is the result of a fifteen years of parallel interests. As the title suggests, this site-specific body of work investigates a slow process of perception, a tectonic visual pace that describes emotional and physical movement in space. Light Drift investigates perceptual experience through the combination of physical processes and optical phenomena. The history of the RMCAD campus, a sanatorium and medical research site, provides a rich ground for Johnson and Jackson to explore the themes of observation, transformation, physical change and permeability of material to air, light, and visual matter.

The exhibition will be comprised of two solo exhibitions in the Philip J Steele Gallery, one large collaborative installation in the Rotunda, and small satellite exhibitions that focus on experimental site-specific interactions.  All of the objects exhibited in Light Drift reveal or manifest themselves in the experience of the viewer.  Jackson and Johnson’s phenomenological approach focuses on the immediacy of experience and consequently fosters an intimate occurrence between space and viewer.  The Rotunda was transformed in a collaborative work that uses the optical physics of the camera obscura to blanket the ceiling and floor with projected imagery from the outdoor surroundings. The room's original function as a sunning space for patients was reflected in the furnishings available to viewers. Light Drift took into account the viewer’s entire sensory experience while addressing phenomenological interests and artistic processes through historic ties to the space.

Work shown courtesy of the artists.