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Exhibition title: 1960s to Present
Artists: Clark Richert
Exhibition dates: February 5 – March 6, 2009
Exhibition space: Philip J. Steele Gallery

“All of the themes in my current work evolve through a progression of painting series developed out of ideas investigated at Drop City. First were the Criss-Cross paintings based on the idea of material physicality being implicit in space, and culminating in an exhibition, "Unfolding the Vacuum". The "Periodicity Series" followed, referencing the Periodic Table of the Elements, The next two series of paintings — the "Snelsonian Motion Series" and the current "Quasi-Symmetry Series" — are based on non-periodic tessellations, as exemplified in the "quasi-crystal".”  — Clark Richert

Works shown courtesy of RULE Gallery, private collectors, and the artist.

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