Exhibition title: First Draft, a Biennial of the Americas' exhibition 
Artists: Theresa Anderson, Nicole Banowetz, Tyler Beard, Amber Cobb, Brandon Bultman, Jaime Carrejo, Devon Dikeou, Brian Evans, Tobias Fike and Matthew Harris, Ian Fisher, Chase Folsom, Carlos Frésquez, Tsehai Johnson, Conor King, Laura Merage, Adam Milner, Alicia Ordal, Gretchen Marie Schaefer, Laura Shill, Gary Sweeney, Shawn Taylor, Rebecca Vaughan.
Exhibition dates: July 16 — September 2, 2013
Exhibition space: McNichols Building in Civic Center Park

The exhibition First Draft, part of the 2013 Denver Biennial of the Americas, examined the relation between the artistic process and drafting. Featuring the work of twenty-two Colorado artists, the exhibition highlighted the role of the artist as an investigator of new or unfamiliar ideas and forms. In this sense, a draft, rather than being a stage on the way to a final version, was framed as a completed work of art in itself, representing a paused moment within an artist’s exploratory practice.

The artists in this exhibition engaged with the concept of “draft” in several ways, from creating serial works to repurposing materials. Artists also explored the process of repetition as a way of investigating multiplicities, gradients, intensities, and overlaps.

First Draft is a companion to Draft Urbanism, the Biennial’s exhibition of art and architecture, located in outdoor locations throughout the downtown Denver area. While Draft Urbanism posits that building a city is always a work in progress, First Draft focuses on artistic process.

Works shown courtesy of the artists and their galleries.

Photography: Tobias Fike


Fisrt Draft_Jaime Carrejo_Labor, Loss and the Acquisition of the Cunning,.JPG