Exhibition title: Au Exchnage
Artists: Conor King, Viviane Le Courtois, Bob Koons, Terry Campbell, Gretchen Schaefer, Alicia Ordal, Joel Swanson, Sterling Crispin, Derrick Velasquez, Virginia Folkestad, Beau Carey, Sarah Wallace Scott, Justin Beard, Jaime Carrejo, Donald Fodness, Theresa Clowes and Laura Merage.
Exhibition dates: November 11 – January 1, 2012 
Exhibition space: RedLine Contemporary Art Space 

Au Exchnage is a group exhibition focused on the material gold and its relationship to alchemy often found in artists' practice. Each RedLine Resident Artist was given a 2.5 gram gold bar to use in relation to the exhibition. Titled after the material itself, the chemical element symbol paired with the word exchange. Exchange references organized markets, financial systems, and the exchange that happens between artist and curator. 

Eighteen RedLine artists exhibited in Au: Exchange presented 18 works and testaments to the extraordinary relationship between artist and funding, material, alchemy, and value. The concepts touched on in this exhibition also reflect the plurality of concepts embedded in the material - from consumerism to identity. Participating resident artist Conor King’s works explores the material properties of gold and its correlation to photographic processes, he comments

“The Au exhibition has inspired a work that repositions my relationship to gold, one that originally rested in a conceptual realm of economy and world markets into a more physical understanding of gold and its’ aesthetic value. In my work, I will explore the material properties of gold in relation to photographic processes that deal with reflection and light.” - Conor King, RedLine Resident Alum