Exhibition title: Sideshow – Attraction
Artist: Anne Drew Potter
Exhibition dates: October 23 - November 19
Exhibition space: Philip J. Steele Gallery

Identity, social constructs and self-awareness are the themes of Anne Drew Potter’s “Sideshow – Attraction.” The two sculptural installations making up the show—Red Army and Big Boy—push boundaries of gender, race and age. Visitors participated in the exhibition by getting a ticket to the “sideshow.” Their reactions—and the reactions of fellow visitors—make up the “performative” piece of the art. The show is designed to confront participants with their own assumptions of normalcy and difference.

“Despite a dim awareness of our own subjectivity, the individual reality that belongs to each of us is experienced as concrete and self-evident,” potter says. “I am interested in the moment with the self-evidence of our own experiences is challenged by confrontation with the other, the infinity of realities that exist outside of our own.”